Believe in the sun, even when it's not shining

In love, even when you're alone

In God, even when He is silent.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Up, Up, and Away...

I mean really SOARING...look at our girl's grades!!!

                                                             NASA's Ballunar Festival

Polo Match - Gracie LOVED this polo pony! I guess because it's the one color we don't have!

These guys and their ponies are so impressive, so athletic...a real joy to watch when the mallet connects and the ball goes flying!

Love being so close to the action!

It's a little whip-lash-ey (kinda like watching tennis!), but soooo much fun!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pieces & Scraps...

I has been a while. With school and Girl Scout meetings (both for Grace and for me, as one of her troop's co-leaders) and riding lessons and my regular chores of caring for our home, our yard and our animals, posts always seem to get pushed to the end of the list. Hopefully, the following will catch you up...

Being members of the zoo, we received an invitation to some "enrichment talks" a few weekends wasn't too hot and was nice walking around the zoo, but the talks weren't too enriching :( For each, they threw some food out and let us watch them eat. The food did get them closer for photos though. 

The kudu was trying to crack the watermelon with his horn...I felt like Dr. Doolittle, "Back up, buddy. Back up!"

I need the ant-eater for our yard!

Jack's big, but their eyes show gentleness, too.

They have major headache racks...

...and are in big need of a pedicure. ;)

She's wearing out...

You'll see us having breakfast with these guys soon...

All of the monkeys are very pensive today...

peek-a-boo, I see you

The sea lions are always a must-see, along with the elephants, giraffes and monkeys

We saved the train ride for last...then look at the one we got. Seriously? I guess this will be the name of his next car!

Garcie's first 2nd grade field trip was to The Children's Museum. We went here last year, too, but this time, they provided us lunch and we could stay for free time afterwards. Gracie had a great time playing vet...

checker at the grocery store...




and waitress.

I wanted to get a class photo in the Scooby Doo van...the only one I can't see of the 16 kids in her class? You guessed it...mine! Grrrrr....

Gracie wants this on her ceiling...hmmmm...

After lunch...

they made a paper glider

pink, of course

Pinky really goes ( a little to the right of the upper right white circle)

When we arrived home that afternoon, she got into the halloween face paint...she painted her own face like Bandit's.

This past weekend, we were up before the sun to be at the Houston Zoo by 7:15 to have breakfast with the orangatans.

This is the baby, Aurora.

Nothing makes you smile like a baby orangatan!

The turtles get breakfast, too!

This is Aurora's mom, Kelly.

When it began raining, Solaris, Kelly's 8 yr. old son, took off with both his and Kelly's breakfast bowls...quite a feast!

Kelly taking was quite the soaker!

Solaris reaping the benefits...

We were all drenched, but still had a blast!

On the way out, Gracie saw some kind of rhinoceros toucan looking kinda looks like he's wearing a mask!

Gracie said her scripture and received the Christian Character award this week...two trophies on her desk?! She was SO proud!

A lesson on Frost, a teacher's work day on Friday...

...and Miss Em's birthday party capped off our week :) This crazy girl was going "Ommmmmm" coming down the slide...she makes me laugh out loud!

Ice cream buffet

...and she was unleashed!

Last but not least, for Marmie...proof that we have bluebirds! :)

Next up, there's Halloween and Gracie will be in the Opening Ceremonies for the 100 year celebration for Girl Scouts at the George R. Brown Convention Center in early November...see you back here when I can :)