Believe in the sun, even when it's not shining

In love, even when you're alone

In God, even when He is silent.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

This is just nine days-in the life of us...

Pre-K Graduation. They didn't have this back in 1918 when I was growing up, but it sure was fun! They sang songs and had a little program about planets for us - Gracie was one of ten chosen from her class of 30 to do an individual part. She had a little diddy about Pluto that we've been practicing about a month, and bless her heart, she was the last one and stepped up to the microphone, looked out at the crowd of about 200 people, the tears started flowing and in a very choked voice, somehow screeched "Pluto" into the microphone before she fell into Mrs. Cassandra's arms crying. My heart was somewhere in my sandals - Jack, of course, said we would immediately need to enroll her in public speaking classes, being the jouster that he is! He has no idea what that feels like, as his Mom says he came out of the womb talking to anybody who would listen, but I do!

For all of the stuff she did as a group, she did fantastic! She sure loves to sing -

The Private Kindergarten class that her school now has also had its graduation and this is a pic of them doing a small skit with George Washington and Abe Lincoln asking President Obama some was really cute - even if you're not an Obama fan.
Our little graduate...again, heart in the sandals...

This past Saturday's riding lesson -

Over the weekend, Jack hired some day laborers and, boy, did they get busy! They laid some flagstone around our flowerbeds, and best of all...
they started our fence! They placed most of the fence posts - they couldn't finish because the pool contractor is majorly dragging his feet and until they complete the project, we can't close off the fence. Still, I was thrilled - at least we got started! I can't wait to not have to pick up poop from my porch or the shredded leaves from where someone decided to snack on my plants!

This is the pool - they have placed the waterline tiles, but not the coping around the edge or SunStone in the bottom - Jack is ready to pull our contractor's ears off! It has been such pretty weather and they have apparently decided that all of their other customer's jobs are more important than ours! :(
Monday, for Memorial Day, Jack cooked BBQ on his all-stainless, new Jenn-Air grill - the steaks, sausage, chicken and ribs were all prize winners, honey! Great job!
This is this morning at 6- I love our pasture in the mornings...

You've heard of "getting up with the chickens" - here, we get up with the cows! She has deemed herself "Keeper of the Pool"...
This morning Mom came in - we did a little shopping, a little hanging out and when we picked up Grace from school, we headed for the beach. Daddy was going to get horse and cattle feed in Alvin, and well, that didn't sound like fun at all, so we went to play instead! I love this first picture - the way her shadow plays against her.
One bucket. $2.50
One shovel. $1.09
One bathing suit. $13.99
Three generations of girls hanging at the beach. Priceless.
By now, you know I love Indian names...this is "Dirty Heiney".

You know how she enjoys building with her magnets - here she's just using sand. Her Daddy swears she's going to be an architect!
She has lost her marbles...
Is that a face filled with pure bliss or what?
Jesus walks on water - my girl ? she walks on air. In a million years, I don't think I could get this shot again.
Skipping to her own beat - another way of saying she's lost her marbles.
She loves chasing the seagulls...
a lot.

She and Marmie braving the waves...

"Dirty Heiney" on a mission...
Seagulls taking a bath... they look like little men in tuxedos to me -

Trying out the goggles in her hunt for shells...
Look out, Bay Watch - here comes Alligator Mama!
The goobers behind me decided it would be fun to feed the birds cherries - there needs to be a caption under this...
"got ice cream?"
More shell hunting...
Sifting through the treasures -
When Jack proposed to me on East Beach in 2002, there must have been 40 pelicans all around us - it was dusk and they were feeding - now, pelicans are very special to us. I looked up and there they were - let's call them Jack, Suzie and Gracie.
The treasures are never-ending...
Back in 2002, I was giddy with excitement as we drove home with a new sparkly on my finger...naturally, I became ravenous. We stopped at this McDonalds - I know - the glamor never stops with us! Engagement rings and Filet-o-Fish - a match made in Heaven! Anyway, the Mickey Ds is gone. It was to the right of the sign where the sand is. Awwww man....

But, this sunset got me over my nostalgia...
These shots are just straight from the camera - no fancy schmancy photoshop or anything - that's what makes them so cool! I can't even describe this color - it was absolutely amazing!

"Dirty Heiney" didn't last long at all -
When we arrived home, the sky was still pretty - and imagine, I'm appreciating all of this with teensy tiny sand particles emanating from every orifice and crevice I own - now, that's impressive!
We have a high school graduation party tomorrow evening for Miss Brittany - she babysits Grace sometimes, so you're sure to recognize her in the forthcoming pictures, and on Sunday, Gracie's dance recital. Her one and only. She just doesn't have the dance bug - she's much happier on the back of a horse - and that's just fine with her Daddy and I.
Enjoy your weekend -

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The past couple of weeks...

The weekend of PaPa's birthday was rough - Mom and I sat on the couch and watched the TV as if our rear ends were glued there. But, there was a brighter spot...Jack took us to the Red Snapper Inn in Freeport for our Mother's day outing and although we left too late to really have any beach time, we still enjoyed it.

It was near dark by the time we reached the beach, but we promised Gracie she could play in the water and so there we were...sand in every crack and crevice, enjoying the fresh air and crashing waters. I went seashell hunting for a bit and found the largest one I've ever found (thank you, PaPa)- that I didn't buy - it's about as big as the palm of my hand and has rich brown and copper colors all through it. Really special...

She is just growing and growing - when I look at this picture from this past weekend, she looks twice her age to me! She is graduating from preschool tonight - I think I might pass out...
This is also from this past weekend - she ran out in her nightgown just before sunset to finish mowing with her Daddy - notice the bare feet - for such a girly girl, she has some tomboy, too!

Lastly, she's continuing to do well in swim - she's learning freestyle now. Her last day is June 25 and hopefully, we'll have our pool in by then, so we're gonna let her enjoy ours and see how we can do on our own for a while. But, speaking of the pool - we've had all sorts of problems ordering the tile that goes at the water line, so we've been at a stand still for about two weeks now. They said yesterday, they will have the tile and begin work on it again this Friday - we'll see...

I'll try to have some Preschool Graduation pictures and some pool updates soon - have a wonderful day - the weather here is gorgeous and I hope wherever you are, you have the same -

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, PaPa

He was known by many names...Pookie (like cookie with a "p" - this is what MiMi called him), Squirt, Daddy, Dave...but I called him PaPa, and today, he would have been 82. Happy Birthday, PaPa.We think about you every day and your love lives on in us all.

with his family: Uncle Sammy, Uncle Lloyd, PaPa, Aunt Edith, Grandm & Grandpa (left to right, back to front)

he looks like a Beach Boy here

in Rome, as a MP in the Army

he and MiMi's weddinghe and Mom
Mom, Daddy, MiMi and PaPa - Mom & Daddy's rehearsal dinner

me & PaPa
it looks like I'm scared out of my skin here - but it was my 4th birthday

gettin' a little snuggle
PaPa and Uncle Sammy fishin'

We celebrated birthdays with Mimi and PaPa - always.

Come on in - the whiskey's fine!

me with Mimi and PaPa

Mimi and PaPa on their 50th wedding anniversary

Patrick and PaPa

me & Pat with Mimi and PaPa

me & Pat with PaPa and his parents

me & Pat with Mimi and PaPa

PaPa with Pat and his tric

PaPa cutting Pat's hair

me, Mom and Pat with PaPa and his folks

PaPa at his parents' gravesite

Pat with Mimi and PaPa

Aunt Francie, Papa and Mom with me at my Masters graduation

PaPa with Gracie

Daddy, Mom, Jack, Gracie and PaPa - we went to Topwater Grill in San Leon to celebrate our anniversaries (Mom & Dad, Sept. 6 and Jack & I, August 31) - about two weeks later, Hurricane Ike changed the scenery and we're still waiting on Topwater to rebuild...
just this past Thanksgiving

"There are souls in this world which have the gift of finding joy everywhere and of leaving it behind them when they go" - Jean Paul Richter

We love you, PaPa.