Believe in the sun, even when it's not shining

In love, even when you're alone

In God, even when He is silent.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Moo Patrol

What was this guy thinking???

U2 Concert, 10/14/09

Mom & Daddy came in around lunch so Mom could go to the concert with us and Daddy could take care of Gracie for us...we left as soon as Gracie was picked up from school so that we wouldn't get caught in all of the traffic and we could stop and grab a bite to eat -

here we are...arrival in the parking lot - scary self-portrait!
the crew is setting up... get to see all kinds...

the roof is open at Reliant Stadium and it looks like this spaceship-looking contraption on the stage is gonna just fly right off into the night at any moment...
definitely getting more crowded...

How'd you like to have this job???

they're just dangling there in the air, operating their cameras...

Adam on guitar

Bono, of course

The Edge

all three

see...spaceship ready for liftoff!

mug shots

The energy here was amazing!

Larry on drums

I can't choose between the two, but I know that I've been to the two best concerts ever in my life this year - this one and the Brad Paisley concert in the Woodlands in September. They had such energy...such a sense of community...I think we're all missing that right now. We're all moving so fast, constantly busy, but events like these make you feel like you're an important part of life's bigger picture. These events somehow brought peace. They were AWESOME!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Sorry, you two...yes, we finished the wall the same day as I put up the preview, but since then, there's been a U2 concert, a visit to Orange with Gracie in tow to help Mom with a garage sale and a mini vacation for Jack and I to the Smokies attached to a visit to one of my best friends in high school surprise 40th birthday party in Columbus, GA...we got in at 4 Sunday and Jack and I both returned to work and all of our chores yesterday morning at 5:45 am. I don't think we've taken a breath yet...but those are all of the things in store for you in the coming days right here, so stay tuned...

I got up early to say these few words, take the picture and make this post, so you better feel special! I am so tired! And, Letha, will you guys be home for our annual Halloween date?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Whacha think?

For just the wall behind the TV (not the two where the wall vases are), I thought, "chocolate brown". I don't know why - just one night a few months ago, we were watching a movie and it just clicked. Then, I received an email from one of the home magazines I get that Glidden was giving away a free quart of paint to however many people and I guess I came in as one of the first because my free paint came in and there you see it...whacha think? I think I like it...and, yes, as I go up higher, I'll be sure to straighten by iron art above the TV (I can hear you, Becky - even when you live far away - it's kinda like having an elf in your ear) - "doesn't it look a little up on the right side?" Alright, alright - I'm adjusting - :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gracie's First Field Trip

Jack took off from work and he and I were just a couple of many chaperones - all three Kindergarten classes went and it was really fun and once we all had lunch together it was early release - couldn't have been a better Friday! It had rained the two days previous, so we were a bit worried that it would be yucky to enjoy, but most of the sight-seeing was by tram, so it wasn't so bad at all...

...although now I have the sniffles and generally feel like a truck has run over me, so maybe hangin' out with so many kiddos wasn't the best idea smack in the middle of the seasons changing, but I do think it was the most fun!

Going back to bed...check ya later, alligator...