Believe in the sun, even when it's not shining

In love, even when you're alone

In God, even when He is silent.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Faces of Grace...

...and where she gets them from ;)

Big Island Farewell

The last day of vacation...first off...breakfast.

Best Omelet Chef EVER, Chris.

All of the eels came out to say bye to their buddy, Jack ;) We weren't even in the water. This is on the walk back to our room from breakfast...they must have some kind of telepathic connection!!!

Two...see 'em?

There was all sorts of art all arond the of our faves, of course...

lagoon waterfall from the back side...

...and the turtles came to see Gracie and I off...I think we got the better deal :)

Solid white hibiscus with red stamen...I've never seen this before here...

'The dragon puppy' of Gracie's faves.

I have no idea what this is, but it has a subtle, heavenly really captures what Hawaii smells like...and it smells so much better than where we were headed :/

We want a ONE-way ticket back!!! Dreaming...just dreaming...

Hooray for Daddy's Day!

Saturday, Gracie had her first riding lesson since before our vacation. She was so happy to see Frost. The Director of her old preschool, Mrs. Wyndi, and her daughter, Brooke, were also there to cheer her on, as Brooke is thinking of beginning lessons there, too. This added to her excitement factor exponentially!

For the first time ever, Miss Laura, her riding instructor for that day, took her over to the property across the fences...just freedom for she and the horse. She did really well. I was afraid she might be a little anxious about the absence of security (the fences), but when she returned, all she could say was, "Mama, did you see me over there where the big girls get to go?"

Our Trashy was showing off for us, too...running and jumping, having a good time!

Gracie finished her lesson in the smaller pen where they could focus on some of her techniques.

Big jump!

After her lesson, we met Marmie, Popi, Lindsey & Pat for Father's Day at Popi's favorite restaurant, ate lunch and returned to the house for dessert and opening presents. Popi got the nook color, a reader's tablet with web capabilities. We think he's gonna have super fun with it!

Relaxing and visiting...

Aunt Lindsey opening her birthday present from us...just a few days early.

Daddy decided he would wait until Sunday to open his presents.

Gracie was completely tickled with her singing card for him - she picked it out all by herself!

Thank you smooches :)

A recordable book that they'll do together later...

Custom cuff links of Daddy's with pic of Mom and one with pic of Gracie...

"No more pictures, Mom!!!" ...but a quick sneak of his motorized, steam cleaning grill brush - trust me...he needed this one bad! ;)

We ended the day with him using that grill brush, grilling shrimp and playing in the pool...

Even Bandit joined in the fun!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! The rain is here now and we are so thankful...enjoy the liquid sunshine!