Believe in the sun, even when it's not shining

In love, even when you're alone

In God, even when He is silent.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Real Deal!

Our girl is 6! I brought cupcakes to school for she and all of her classmates and teacher, but she couldn't wait to get home to open her gifts! A puffer fish from Popi for the pool -
Mom's friend, Debbie, gave her this super cute monogrammed blanket! Mommy might snatch this one!
Mini Barbies from different years...
Marmie decorated Oreo with some of the ribbons from her presents and Gracie had a birthday blast - she thought that was hysterical!
A Tinkerbell that really flies! Marmie might get this one!
Her birthday cake...we've all had our share of cake with the week's worth of celebrations so we opted for minis.
Making a wish...
Her favorite gift...a narrated book by Marmie. She took this for Show-and-Tell the next day, too, and everybody thought it was the coolest!
Happy birthday, sweet girl!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Party Time!

Gracie had her 6th birthday party at The Painted Potter today. Before everyone arrived, she put her handprint in the middle of the plate that they will decorate for her as her gift. Our party room...Gracie chose a Fancy Nancy themed event and it was a lot of fun!
All of the kids got to choose a plate, mug or bowl to paint. Once they fire them and package them up, I'll get to deliver them and they'll be fully functional...they can eat/drink from them.
Deep in the design process :)
This is Sergio with his little girl, Mari and wife, LeAnne...he was Jack's groomsman when we were married. They have been friends since high school.
Still perfecting the art...
Moellers works their magic again -

The giftwrap was flying...
...and she had lots of help, too!
She found the leftover party favors when we got home!
We brought Dan's daughter, Gracie #2, home with us and, yes, this is the wiggle racer Popi got her three Christmases ago! You surely can't say this child doesn't appreciate her gifts!
Later, they were playing outside (please try to ignore my futile attempt at a rose's a work in progress!) and what did they find?
a turtle...
Mr. Meany McAngry was his name.
Gracie #2 is a brave soul!
After Mr. Environmental's lecture on turtles, they returned him to the very large ditch/canal at the back of our property, where hopefully he will lead a happy life forever...and not come bite my toe while I'm watering my roses!
Happy, happy, joy, joy! Can't believe Squeezy is gonna be 6 on Thursday! WOW!


This is Stormy. She's the second calf I bottle-raised, but I didn't move her to the house, so she's always been with her cow family - she's not the pet that Lexie is. She is very protective of her babies and will charge you in a second. I was on the other side of a 7' fence to take these...

We have a new baby girl. I named her Sterling.

She was born the day PaPa died one year ago, April 20.
She's a real cutie patootie. I just wish I could get within 10 yards of her without having a horn in my heinie!

Monday, April 19, 2010

In The Blue...Woo Hoo!

It was supposed to rain Wednesday through rain. When did it rain? Sunday...for our first horse show! Everyone in the Lead-Line division got a First Place ribbon. Gracie got two for the events walking and trotting.

We were there early to watch three other older girls that our trainer trains.

She was just a wee bit excited - poor Pal was soaked from head to hoof and was not a happy camper, but the girl riding him...I doubt she noticed the rain at all.

Proud, proud, proud!

Smooches for the winner!

Taking off the gear...

This little boy stables his horse where the show was held - he was in Gracie's division and, as always, she makes fast friends.

Walking Pal back to the trailer - a day's work done and ready for some hay!

Our first show under our belt - even in the rain, it was fun!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Practice, Practice

We've had a couple of extra practice riding lessons this week after school in preparation for Sunday in Arcola...

Thanks, Miss Lauren! She had a really good time! Until then...dreaming of blue ribbons and prancy Pal...