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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break, Part 2

After a Mommy/Daughter date at the rodeo with me on Thursday... see Jason Aldean {insert lots of swooning here}, she was already geared up for her St. Paddy's Day riding lesson and rodeo date with her Daddy today...

Her tee says "Irish Girl at Heart"...Happy St. Paddy's Day!!!

Practicing, practicing...the new show season starts very soon...

Our boys snacking on some hay...oh, how I miss having them at home...after being lesson horses for over a year now and being in a pasture with ten or so other horses at any given time, they still are stuck like glue to one another. I love that. They are not related by blood, but know they are brothers all the same.

After her lesson, she gave Frost a bath and had just turned him out to pasture, all proud and happy...

...and then... "Whaaaaaattttt?"

...Frost rolled ten seconds after she put him out... get used to it, little one, they do it to me every time!

In closing, a couple of shots from our last day at Lost Pines...still basking in the great, relaxing time we had there for most of the week...

Love, love, LOVE this shot!

Off to get some errands run while my two sidekicks are at the last of the Rodeo for us today, riding the rides, watching the rodeo and listening to Brad Paisley...enjoying the last two days of our break while we can before school resumes on come on Easter break!

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